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Qualities Burglars Look For?

  • Bravis
  • 25 Jan 2022

What Do Burglars Look for?

It only needs to happen once. You return to your business and discover that the front door is open, or a window is broken. Someone has broken in and stolen money and valuables and there’s nothing you can do about it now. Having your business burgled can be a traumatic experience, and at Bravis, it is our mission to do everything we can to prevent it from happening. We’ve had 15 years of experience keeping burglars at bay, and here’s what we’ve learned about how they think.

Windows and Front Doors

Most burglaries are opportunistic crimes. Research indicates that most robberies happen without much planning and most criminals gain entry through unsecured windows and front doors! Our first recommendation for better security? Don’t make it easy! Sometimes, making an opportunistic criminal think twice is all you need.

Absence of a Security System

When it comes to protecting your premises, a professionally monitored alarm system is the best way to deter potential burglars. Most criminals look for weak spots in the exterior of a business and know enough to look for security systems. For most opportunistic thieves, the mere presence of a CCTV security system is enough to discourage them from trying anything.

Burglars Break in Through the Windows.

Unfortunately, windows are still the most vulnerable part of most buildings. Most burglaries are smash-and-grab operations where criminals are looking to get in and out as quickly as possible. The windows of your business are the most vulnerable points of entry. Fortunately, innovations in security technology such as glass break detectors can play a vital role in scaring away intruders. High quality glass break detectors with microprocessors and microphones “hear” the sound of glass breaking and trigger an alarm or a remote monitoring system instantly.

Anti-burglar Magnetic reed switches on windows and doors use a circuit, which when completed or broken by the unwanted opening of a window will alert your security service provider.

Is Your Business Being Watched?

Experienced burglars and criminals will often “case” your business in order to notice patterns that will give them an opportunity to strike. Do not open your door to strangers that make you uncomfortable and do not let anyone in for no good reason. A strong CCTV security system monitored by a professional security firm will help you identify suspicious vehicles and individuals who may be seen often near your place of business.

Are Certain Businesses Easy Targets?

Businesses with known valuables such as electronics, jewellery, pharmacies, are attractive targets for burglars. Cash heavy businesses are particularly at risk as criminals are aware that all they need to do is break in and grab whatever they can. Businesses which are open late also need to be careful since there are fewer people around and this can present an easy opportunity.

End-To-End Security Solutions for Every Company

When it comes to high-end security, it’s all about staying two steps ahead of burglars. Bravis has over a decade of experience securing high-value facilities in Queensland from theft. Click here to learn about how we protect Private Vaults Australia, a high-security bullion storage facility. Want to know how to protect your business? Contact us today to organise a call back from our team.

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Bravis recently installed an alarm system at our family home. We had received a number of quotes, but Bravis really stood out in terms of professionalism and speed of service. On that basis, we elected to go with Bravis for our security needs.

Stuart Prichard

If you are looking for a High End Security Solution for Industrial, Commercial, or Financial Institutions then Bravis Security is the firm for you. The attention to detail from the initial brief and of course ever necessary variations were handled professionally by all levels of staff within the company.

Peter Hobson

After speaking to a few different companies about home security alarm systems, I chose Bravis Security to install my alarm and I can't rate them highly enough. The information they provided was clear and made it an easy choice for me.

Judie Traecey

We have 21 CCTV security set up with Bravis. They are a professional team that do a quality fit out. Very impressed from the start to the finish.

James Griffith

Bravis Security have done a wonderful job installing CCTV at my business premises, I highly recommend them.

Snap Air Conditioning

Got CCTV Installed, very happy with the works, good quality product, well priced and great communication with supplier and install team. Would use this company again for any CCTV business or personal needs.

Megan Bittner

Great company to deal with,prompt service ,competitive prices, Installers friendly and helpful,no mess to clean up,very happy indeed,would definitely recommend this company, Col M

Colin Moss

Excellent Team and professional

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