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Choosing the Right CCTV System

Choosing the Right CCTV System for You

With business security experiencing a boost in demand and innovation, it can be confusing to try and make sense of the options, products and specifications without some kind of technical background. At Bravis, we believe that understanding business security should be easy, and to help with this, we’ve put together a simple guide of things to consider before exploring CCTV security options for your business.

One of Your Most Important Investments

When it comes to business security, trying to make do with cheaper options to save money can prove costly in the long run. We always recommend purchasing the best system available within your budget, even stretching it a little if possible, to get the best protection system. A good-quality entry level system from a trusted brand which gives you the option to add more cameras later is always a better idea than buying a cheap camera.

Always Opt for Longer Warranty

CCTV surveillance systems involve a lot of different components and a failure of even one of these can lead to lapses in security and repair costs. A good CCTV brand will give you a warranty of at least 1-3 years, a professional security installation service and regular maintenance checks.

Choose a Better Camera

There are three types of CCTV surveillance cameras on the market. Analogue cameras are the most basic and offer a fairly low image quality. But as advances in technology drive prices down, customers can now also opt for entry level HD cameras and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. Understanding what you want the camera to see can help make the right decision. How long a distance does the camera need to cover while maintaining clarity? Is it looking for large objects or does it need to record details? CCTV technology has come a long way and communicating your needs to a good security provider will help you make the right decision for your needs. Features such as lens size, wide angle degree, focal length are important to consider and will determine the field of vision and clarity of your image.

Consider Lighting Requirements

CCTV cameras are better suited for daylight and well-lit environments. When choosing your professional security system, your provider will take night time light sources into consideration to ensure that you get the best out your surveillance system. Security consultants will conduct a thorough audit of your premises to highlight key security requirements and considerations.

Transparency of Costs

A comprehensive CCTV system involves more than just the cost of cameras. A professional business security service provider will be up front about the total costs including installation that you are likely to incur. Always ask questions about total cost including cables, connectors, cost of labour, etc.

The Most Trusted CCTV Service Provider in Queensland

At Bravis, we provide end-to-end security consulting services to commercial establishments throughout Queensland. We provide CCTV installation and monitoring services and help our customers choose the right system for their needs within their desired budget. Contact us today for more information on CCTV surveillance systems for your premises.

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