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Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses

  • Bravis
  • 09 Oct 2023

An access control system simplifies security in many different ways. Any location with variable security needs can benefit from a well-designed access control system. There are a variety of industries who can gain from security and surveillance systems, such as Healthcare, Government, Enterprise, Education and even places of worship like Churches. Learn more about the Bravis range of access control systems here.

How Does an Access Control System Help Your Business?

No matter how big or small your business, an automated access control can protect employees, employers and allow administrators to monitor foot traffic and access to sensitive areas. The most significant benefits of access control systems are:

Easy Access for Employees

A well-planned access control system allows you to pre-determine who gets access to each area of the business. Employees or guests are provided with key cards or PINs that allow them permanent or limited time access to areas where work needs to be done.

No More Traditional Keys with Restricted Access Protocols

Using traditional metal keys in the modern business landscape can get complicated quick, with too many to manage. Implementing restricted access protocols requires too many different sets of keys. A larger space means more locks, more keys, and greater potential for lost and stolen keys. Duplicating traditional keys is very easy and minor mistakes in door locking can leave you open to a burglary.

Invest Now for Future Savings

Advanced access security and surveillance systems can be integrated with the lighting and air conditioning systems of your business. Systems are turned on and off as people enter and leave rooms, saving money on energy over the long term. These systems also do away with the need for locks, security guards and visits to the key maker. If you plan to move your business to a larger location, or spread it out over multiple buildings, an access control system is a must, as it allows for secure movement between multiple buildings by doing away with potential points of security failure.

Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

Access control systems not only authorise and deny entry, but they also keep track of who comes in and out of a room and when. In case of a theft or internal dispute, it is very easy to verify who was in which part of the building.

Large companies often find it impossible to keep track of unauthorised visitors. Access control even allows for the entire premises of your business to be closed to unauthorised personnel. For certain industries dealing with sensitive products, it is important that only employees be on the premises. Ask Bravis Security about restricted access protocol today.

Give Employees Flexible Work Hours

The biggest advantage of an access control system is that it can transform the way your business functions. An automated system runs 24/7, which means employees can gain access for shifts at different times. Gone are the days of the manager having to stay late just to lock up. The system logs when each employee enters and leaves while allowing you to streamline the shifts of your workforce.

State-Of-The-Art Access Control Systems for Businesses

Bravis has over 15 years of experience serving local and national clients. We provide state of the art security and surveillance systems to government and industry clients. Learn about our collaboration with Queensland Police, or contact our team for your security requirements!

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