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Retail crime includes shoplifting, employee theft, fraud, robbery and violence to staff. Costs include loss of profitability, low staff morale, loss of work due to physical and psychological damage, and even loss of life. According to Allianz in 2011, shoplifting made up 70% of retail crime costing the Australian economy more than $2 Billion.

The inclusion of an inexpensive security system to your retail space is a great way to keep your staff safe and keep an eye on any wandering product and takings.

Bravis Security has a range of cameras and alarm systems specifically tailored to work within your retail environment.

About Bravis

Company History

Bravis Security is an Australian owned and operated business with a focus on providing quality service at an affordable price. Delivering CCTV and security solutions to Brisbane and further reaches of Australia for the past 15 years.

Our Mission

To revolutionise the industry by integrating security with current and future technologies.

Our Vision

To be a leader within the security industry we believe that not only do we need to be the best at what we do, but we also need to provide our clients with a level of customer service that set us apart from our competitors.

Whether you’re running a factory or an airport, understanding your security is vital in
protecting your assets. Consider Bravis Security as your security systems contractors.
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