Police Operation Center

CCTV installation – surveillance & security system throughout Brisbane

  • Over 200 Monitors
  • Over 50 Servers
  • 150+ CCTV Cameras
  • Consolidation of 8 000+ cameras from around the state into the SPOC platform
Bravis was approached to perform the G20 installation of all the CCTV system at police HQ Brisbane, the time line was critical and the solution was complex. With all of the worlds leaders coming to our city, Brisbane, security and the surveillance of the city was paramount especially with regards to the needs of the Secret Service & the US president at the time, Barack Obama.

Getting CCTV video feeds from various locations, various entities and systems around Brisbane back to Police HQ for monitoring via a single system was the challenge and the largest logistical nightmare in the [preparation for this project. Bravis setup several locations within police HQ to view the different delegates and different police commands. The security build consisted of over 200 monitors, over 50 servers used for video walls and client terminals, AV projector systems, Kilometre’s of Fibre backbone cabling, wireless network connections 150 + local and remote CCTV cameras, access control doors for police, AFP and military standards.

The Police Operation Center (POC) was built for the G20 and to then to continue on for years to come managing large events planned and un-planned. The functionality Bravis brought to the POC expanded across the state incorporating video from all over the state covering natural disasters, major sporting events and planned and un-planned events. The functionality statewide was so diverse and useful the POC is now know as the SPOC – (State Police Operation Center) the hub of connections to different police facilities and majority of venues to ensure safety and situational awareness to protect the state of Queensland!

Bravis have been working on special operations, coordinated events, and recently the COVID-19 coordination within Police HQ, bringing the best technology solutions from local and external CCTV, AV and secure access systems since 2014 and will continue into the future.
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