Private Vaults

  • Inner Range Integriti Access Control
  • Milestone VMS Camera system
  • Integration with NoahFace Facial Recognition
  • Two-Factor Facial Recognition authentication to enter facility
  • Axis Cameras Throughout Facility
  • Seismic Detectors on Multiple Walls/Floors/Ceilings

Private Vaults Australia is a high-security vault storage and gold bullion trading facility based in Redcliffe, Queensland. The facility was built on the bones of an old Commonwealth Bank location and opened for business in 2019.

Bravis Security was contacted in the early planning stages of the Private Vaults Australia facility due to our expertise with High Security VMS platforms that the proprietor was considering for the facility. Through several months of strategic planning and collaboration with the owner/operator we developed a fully integrated solution consisting of Milestone VMS, Inner Range Integriti Access and Security, Axis Cameras, 2N IP Intercom, and Noahface Facial Recognition Technology. These systems were integrated into one platform and provide a single-security platform.

The facility is fully protected with vibration/seismic sensors, volumetric ceiling cavity detectors, complete camera coverage around the perimeter and interior, multiple facial recognition entry points, and dedicated security staff. All considerations were made in regard to the security of the facility and the final result was a truly innovative and effective system that the team here at Bravis is very proud to have on our resume.

Visit Private Vaults Australia to find out more about this incredibly secure site and how they can assist you in securing your valuables.

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