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The Mining & Energy Industry brings a unique set of challenges that can be streamlined with the introduction of security, access control and surveillance systems. Our experience in this space with our key account clients such as Arrow Energy, Peabody Energy, ERM Power (Oakey Power) and Cape Byron Energy has allowed our team to provide the most effective systems for these environments and client requirements. 

Every facility has a unique layout, procedures, risks and requirements. When assessing a facility we look beyond just basic security functions and gather a deeper understanding of your processes. This allows us to pinpoint key events that may benefit from more automated or streamlined access or communication. We’ve found the process of assessing combined with our consultation provides insight into equipment capabilities which then opens the door to new solutions to efficiency, safety or security hurdles.

Outside our core pillars of Access Control, Video Surveillance & Intercoms, we have utilised solutions such as Thermal Perimiter Detection, Offsite Alarm Video Verification and Network Device Monitoring with great success.

Providing safety, access and delivering targeted messages to the right place fast is highly valuable. Combined with the ability to revisit access data, video footage and logs allow for informed decisions when making future production process changes. A central control room with the reach to send individual or site wide broadcasts can save valuable time but also  prevent dangerous incidents.

Confidential support & advice

What we do with our clients is often very intimate to their inner workings. The systems we install are an extension on their process and we respect the confidentiality required.

Systems that grow with you

Like all technology things change fast and we keep our clients prepared and open to updates. We pass on key advice to ensure your system can grow or adjust around your organisation.

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Mining & Energy Industy Security Systems
We provide far more than security, we provide access & communication solutions

We deal with only the highest quality technology and provide a workmanship guarantee to ensure all items are correctly installed.

Regardless if its access to the entire facility of gaining entrance to an office or sensitive materials access control can give the desired level of access at the switch of a button. Learn about access control

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Bravis is located in Brisbane and has been servicing local and national clients for 15 years.  We provide specialist security services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across every sector from corporate businesses, government agencies, factories, organisations and mines.  Our team specialises in sourcing, installing and maintaining the most innovative, adaptable and impenetrable security systems on the market and packaging those to suit each client’s specific security needs.

Mining & Energy Industry Security & Communications

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You know exactly what's important to you, your co-workers and your business. Here at Bravis Security, we know what's available to protect and safeguard the people, places and items that are important. Feel free to speak to our team today and we can give you private advice on your security systems and see how we can assist you.

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