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Facial Recognition and its functionalities have improved considerably over the last few years. At Bravis we are constantly working with the current technologies and innovating on new technologies to provide our clients with the most effective solutions.

We have implemented several different facial recognition solutions over the last few years and have provided an excellent knowledge base to be Queensland’s leading Facial Recognition security integrator. View some of our recent case studies which illustate some of the different facial recognition softwares we use;

Facial Rec Integration with Access Control Systems

One of the main benefits & draw cards of facial recognition is its seamless integration with Access Control.

Whether you require blacklist/red list or white lists to authentic visitors, or the need to alert concierge of VIPs, facial recognitions integration with Access Control can be hugely beneficial and cost saving. 

High Accuracy Recognition

Access Security

Learning Software

The value of sound security is priceless

Integrates and assimilates

Our facial recognition systems can be used for new and existing clients and staff while coordinating seamlessly with your current CRM and reporting systems so your core business activities are not disrupted.

Fraud and identity theft prevention

Facial recognition software is the pinnacle in reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud which means you can keep your client, staff and business privacy and assets more secure.

Fast and effective

Facial identification and verification processes through our software, is efficient and accurate. We can detect, compare and verify the identity of faces in images, videos and real-time with high accuracy.

Easy implementation

Bravis provides facial recognition solutions that are easy to implement and because they require no interaction from the end user, they are an effective and discreet security addition to your business or organisation.

Bravis is located in Brisbane and has been servicing local and national clients for 15 years. We provide specialist security services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across every sector from corporate businesses, government agencies, factories, organisations and mines. Our team specialises in sourcing, installing and maintaining the most innovative, adaptable and impenetrable security systems on the market and packaging those to suit each client’s specific security needs.

Facial Recognition / Australia Wide

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