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Bravis has a rich history in the corrections space throughout Australia. We have actively been involved with prison builds in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland over the last 21 years. Bravis is actively involved in installing, commissioning and configuring corrections projects throughout Australia and have current service & maintenance agreements in place.

Our Experience in the corrections space include the installation and maintenance of;

  • Access Control Systems
  • Video Management Softwares and Surviellance Cameras
  • Intercoms
  • Mobile Duress Alarm System
  • Perimeter Security
This unique knowledge & experience assists our team in providing the most secure and effective system in the corrections, commercial and retail space.

Apart from standard daily operations, critical situations can arise that require confident, rapid and professional identification and mitigation.  The ability to review video and access data is essential for identification and accountability.

Security systems must align with operational procedures to maintain order and keep staff, inmates, visitors and facilities safe.Within a correctional facility, we can control and monitor access to the entire perimeter or particular sections and limit access to high risk sections.  Effective communication is achieved through public address systems and intercoms to particular units, wings, the entire facility or particular personnel.  This is important for expedited and calm information delivery in such a high risk setting.

Expedited incident identification

We provide systems that communicate without delay or interruption because we know correction sites need to identify and manage incidents in the fastest time frame possible to reduce escalation.

Methodical and collaborative

Using a methodical and collaborative approach to identifying your security needs means your facility will have a comprehensive, intelligent security system that works collaboratively with your existing internal infrastructure.

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Bravis is located in Brisbane and has been servicing local and national clients for 15 years.  We provide specialist security services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across every sector from corporate businesses, government agencies, factories, organisations and mines.  Our team specialises in sourcing, installing and maintaining the most innovative, adaptable and impenetrable security systems on the market and packaging those to suit each client’s specific security needs.

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