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CCTV & Security Cameras

Bravis design and support a range of CCTV and security camera systems from high quality brands such as MILESTONE, AVIGILON, GENETEC, GEUTEBRUCK and HIKVISION which provide you with reliable solutions to monitor & protect your premises. From installing & supporting systems as large as a 2000 cameras to protecting many manufacturing, mines & government entities our experienced team, give you the superior protection you need for all scenarios.

The presence of these devices are a deterrent for criminal activity. They use traceable video monitoring and forge-proof export file formats and integrate with our simple user interface control which is accessible remotely from your mobile device.

The value of sound security is priceless

Accessible from mobile devices

CCTV and security camera footage is visible to you remotely so there is no need to interrupt your day or night to view footage of your premises.

Safe guarding profits

By installing CCTV and security cameras, you can protect your business or organisation against theft, property damage and subsequent insurance claims and increases. Automatic backup and archiving means no footage is ever lost.

Control room compatible

Not only can you house your CCTV system in your work or home office but it can also be integrated into a control room to work with your other security infrastructure.

Easily upgrade-able

If your security needs expand then so can our CCTV and security camera systems. We are able to upgrade and tailor each system to your individual security needs.

Bravis is located in Brisbane and has been servicing local and national clients for 15 years. We provide specialist security services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across every sector from corporate businesses, government agencies, factories, organisations and mines. Our team specialises in sourcing, installing and maintaining the most innovative, adaptable and impenetrable security systems on the market and packaging those to suit each client’s specific security needs.

CCTV & Security Camera Systems / Australia Wide

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You know exactly what's important to you. We know what's available to protect & safeguard people, places & items.
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