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Alarm Systems in Brisbane

Adding an alarm system to your property and having it monitored is a great way of providing yourself with additional piece of mind. All of our systems can be configured back to a 24/7 monitoring room or set up to send you, the client a notification message should an alarm be triggered.

In majority of cases the triggering of a panel is sufficient enough to deter unwanted activity around your property, the peace of mind for having it monitored ensures that someone else is always looking out for you.

We have the capacity to work with a range of systems including Paradox, Bosh and Concept. Scaling a system to meet your needs and budget is what we do best.

Mobile Intergration

Advances in technology now allows alarm systems to be connected to mobile devices. Be notified of an alarm event within your property whilst on the go.

Health Checks

Bravis Security can conduct monthly health checks of your system to ensure its working to its maximum capacity.


External monitoring of your system and property provided by our highly qualified monitoring centre.

Nothing to be Alarmed about

Our Technicians are trained in the most up to date Alarm Equipment, ensuring you are always in good hands. Contact Bravis today, let us do the worrying for you.

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