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Superior Security Alarms for Commercial Properties

Our core business value is keeping your assets, people and premises safe from theft, harm and security breaches. With superior security alarms in Brisbane and security systems in Brisbane for commercial and industrial properties, from our range of reputable brands, we can deliver a tailored alarm solution to suit your situation. Our security alarm systems in Brisbane also integrate seamlessly with your other security infrastructure. We can supply and install these alarms from Brisbane, to anywhere in Australia.

Sirens & Silent Alerts Systmes

Keypad Alarm Activation

Movement Sensors

The value of sound security really is priceless…

Connects and Integrates

Our security alarm solutions integrate seamlessly with your security infrastructure to rapidly connect you with police or external support services. Breaches are assessed quickly and effectively, preventing escalation of incidents.

Expands Security Reach and Resources

Bravis Security’s security alarm systems expand the perimeters of your security capacity, covering critical locations over large areas, providing alarm sensors that can expose movement where none should be or, breaches in your infrastructure. This frees up your resources and your time.

Enhances Confidence

A reliable security alarm system will provide you with confidence that your safety and security needs are being prioritised, leaving you the opportunity to focus on other important business or personal priorities.

Rely on Our Security Knowledge

Use our industry knowledge, our brand knowledge and solution advice to your advantage by allowing us to tailor the best-suited alarm system for you. Choose whether alarms are directed to a 24/7 monitoring room or simply messaged straight to your mobile device.

Trustworthy Alarm Installation in Brisbane, Available Australia Wide

Bravis is located in Brisbane but we service to commercial properties Australia-wide. We have been servicing local and national clients for 15 years and we provide specialist security services for commercial and industrial clients across every sector from aged care, corporate businesses, government agencies, factories, retail organisations and mines. Our team here at Bravis Security specialises in sourcing, installing and maintaining the most innovative, adaptable and impenetrable security systems on the Australian market. Our alarms in Brisbane, security alarm systems in Brisbane and our superior alarm installation in Brisbane can be accessed for businesses clients Australia wide.

Will My Business Benefit from Security Alarms?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Whether you’re in retail, aged care, commercial business, industrial business, mining or law enforcement, security systems in Brisbane from Bravis Security will benefit you and the safety of your property. Access our superior security alarm systems in Brisbane today and begin your journey of safety, privacy and peace of mind.

Providing Alarm Installation in Brisbane and Australia Wide

Security that
never skips
a beat...

Security Can Seem Excessive Until It's Necessary…

You know exactly what's important to you, your co-workers and your business. Here at Bravis Security, we know what's available to protect and safeguard the people, places and items that are important. Feel free to speak to our team today and we can give you private advice on your security systems and see how we can assist you.

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