Alarm Monitoring Services / Australia Wide

Alarms monitoring for private property with call out service

If an alarm is tripped on your premises one of our monitoring team will be sent in the direction of your location while we make contact with you to ensure its not a false alarm. Our 24/7 monitoring control room captures an alarm activation and acts on it within seconds, ensuring police or security personnel are enroute to investigate and de-escalate the problem.  This service eliminates the need for you to immediately attend to late night alarm activations or visits to investigate potential security threats.

Sirens & Silent Alerts Systmes

Keypad Alarm Activation

Movement Sensors

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24/7 response

Bravis’ monitoring team have years of experience and training in alarm monitoring practices meaning they are better able to locate and act on alarm activations for a range of situations.

Escalation prevention

Our alarm monitoring security team is experienced in the vision that each of our cameras depict so they are better able to notice what the issue is when an alarm is activated. Training and experience allows them to know what to look for when and where an alarm activation has occurred.

Employee and property protection

Monitoring of security alarms means our team are able to guide personnel to safety, observe changes to products or infrastructure or activate further safety measures to ensure security is enhanced for the changing situation.

Timely alerts

When an alarm is activated, a timely response is paramount to the safety and security of your personnel and property. A timely response to alarm activation means investigation and rectification can be carried out rapidly.

Bravis is located in Brisbane and has been servicing local and national clients for 15 years.  We provide specialist security services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across every sector from corporate businesses, government agencies, factories, organisations and mines.  Our team specialises in sourcing, installing and maintaining the most innovative, adaptable and impenetrable security systems on the market and packaging those to suit each client’s specific security needs.

Alarm Monitoring Services / Australia Wide

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You know exactly what's important to you, your co-workers and your business. Here at Bravis Security, we know what's available to protect and safeguard the people, places and items that are important. Feel free to speak to our team today and we can give you private advice on your security systems and see how we can assist you.

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