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Choosing a n Access Control System

Why Choose an Access Control System?

Access control systems play an integral role in enhancing the safety and security of sensitive locations. Access control system software helps businesses control and regulate which personnel can access which parts of your location. By limiting and authorising access, a business can streamline its operations and movements without requiring extra personnel to facilitate access. There are a wide range of access control systems available in the market, and choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult. Read on for tips from the Bravis access control security team on choosing the perfect system.

Total Number of Areas to Monitor

Conduct an in-house security review using a checklist that will help you determine the total number of areas which need to be monitored. Most facilities will have multiple entrances and may need special attention in order to be secured. If multiple groups and parties need access to the building, an access control system with multiple card credential management is very important.

A professional security firm will not only conduct an expert security audit but point out other considerations that you may not have considered. Does your access control system software require integrated time monitoring and attendance logs? Do certain managers need to know how to use the system? Who needs clearance and who doesn’t?

Determine Who Needs Access

Making a personnel access plan is the most important step. It is important to establish who will be monitoring your system, especially if you are working with a remote monitoring security company, so that a building access plan can be implemented smoothly. Often, businesses need to provide access to individuals not directly related to the business. Cleaning and maintenance teams usually work after hours or early in the morning, and vendor deliveries may happen at various times of the day. An access control system with strong protocols allows the administrator to give temporary access to certain individuals for specific reasons.

Components of an Access Control System


Step 1 is setting up the appropriate credentials for the right people to have security access and managing responsibilities over the system. You must think about this very carefully, keeping in mind all the various possibilities and scenarios that could leave your system exposed and vulnerable. Setting up credentials also creates accountability for all future interactions with the system.

Keypad Access

Often used in commercial buildings, the proximity card reader is a system which reads the information from an access card when it is held a few inches in front of the sensor. Upon verifying the information, the keypad will grant access.

Door Locks and Alert Systems

Electronic door locks are the best option when it comes to location security. Cutting edge security providers offer high-end electronic locks for businesses. These doors will temporarily unlock a door only when a user with the proper credentials engages with it.

Bravis Access Control Security System Software

The main purpose of the software is to allow personnel to enter information, create new permissions, check accountability and customise other aspects. The software is what links you to the technology and simplifies the security process.


Access Control Security Systems in Queensland

Security is more than just about preventing intruders. A sophisticated access control system provides you with the flexibility to optimise how your operations are conducted. Contact us today to learn how access control has transform your company’s productivity by providing automated support. Visit the Bravis website to learn more about our state-of-the-art access control systems with remote monitoring.

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