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Ways to Improve Aged Care Security

Protecting Aged Care Facilities

Aged care facilities have a unique set of needs that must all be taken into consideration while putting together a security plan. A security system for an aged care facility must be able to provide protection from intruders, keep an eye on staff and their interaction with residents and offer 24/7 alarm monitoring in case of a medical emergency.

Apart from resident and staff safety, there is also a need to protect sensitive inventory like medication, medical records, and control of access to unsafe or restricted areas. The improvement of security in and aged care sector is a top priority at Bravis. Read on to find out how the security of your loved ones can be improved by a professional security team.

Access Control Systems

Security is more than just about keeping people in or out. Well-planned access control security systems can have a hugely positive impact on business operations and are an indispensable part of any business dealing with vulnerable populations. These systems provide selective access to authorised personnel in different parts of the building. Rooms holding medical records and medication can require scan cards, PIN codes and time slot monitoring to record exactly who entered the room and for how long.

Access control systems help protect residents and their personal property by giving them exclusive entry into their rooms, while staff can enter the premises using a card and PIN, if need be, for an extra layer of security. When there are multiple buildings involved, entry and exit from certain doors can be blocked to prevent elderly patients from accidentally leaving the building.

CCTV and Remote Monitoring

Ensuring a high level of aged care security is a 24/7 responsibility. At Bravis, our team of security experts keeps a close eye on every corner of the facility using high-end CCTV cameras connected directly to our security monitoring team. In an aged care facility, safety is as important as security. Our observant and trained team knows exactly what to look for and monitors all alarms and what caused them to be triggered within minutes. We also conduct security audits which lay out a camera placement plan which covers the most vulnerable parts of your property, making sure nothing is missed.

Video and Audio Intercoms

The importance of the simple yet effective intercom cannot be underestimated in a multi-dwelling building with staff and residents. Multi-room intercoms play an important role in guest verification and to receive deliveries quickly and safely.

Facial Recognition with Access Control

Facial recognition technology has improved dramatically over the years and has reached a point where it provides a level of security that is unparalleled. When integrated with well-planned access control systems, it allows administrators to create blacklists to prevent illegal entry by certain personnel and also create a multiple step verification system which safeguards residents in case an access card is misplaced or an intruder is able to gain access to a staff uniform. With aged care security becoming a priority in Australia, integrating facial recognition software into your security protocol can improve confidence in your establishment and provide entrepreneurs with peace of mind.

Aged Care Security and Safety Systems

At Bravis, our team of dedicated security professional give the families of aged care residents peace of mind by protecting their loved ones with the latest in access control, CCTV and 24/7 alarm monitoring technology. Learn how we support our elder community here, or contact us today to organise a call back for your security needs.

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