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Security Tips for Businesses Moving to a New Place

New Office Security Tips for Businesses

Your business is growing and it is time to open a second location or move to a larger one. While this shift marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase, it can also create new vulnerabilities that were not an issue in the old place. New businesses can attract the wrong kind of attention and it is important for entrepreneurs to stay one step ahead of possible mishaps that could occur after all the effort of shifting locations. Read on for tips from the Bravis team on how to “case” your own business before moving in.

Know the Area During Day and Night

A potential new office or warehouse can look fantastic during the day. The excitement of taking on a new space can make a person overlook obvious warning signs that show up as the day progresses. If you like a location, hold off on making a decision until you have visited the area multiple times at different times of the day to get a feel for it. Pay attention to the lighting at night. Observe how isolated it is at night, or whether there are people hanging around the area. Take a second person along with you who might make other observations and point out something you missed.

Get a Security Audit

We believe that a team of security experts is best equipped to go over your potential new location with a trained eye and conduct an audit that will give you a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the premises. A thorough review will also be accompanied by a detailed and effective plan on how to approach business security and surveillance based on your business operations and unique requirements. Investing in security is important but it can add up if you don’t get a clear idea of how much it would cost to install the right system for your needs.

Ditch the Lock and Key

If you decide to go with the age-old lock and key approach, make sure you get a trusted locksmith to change every lock on the premises, so you have control over each entry point. However, we recommend taking the opportunity to switch to access control security systems which allow you to issue scan cards and PIN numbers to authorised personnel. Locks and keys can be broken, duplicated, lost, and are difficult to manage in a large location with multiple shifts happening around the clock.

Upgrade and Replacement of Business Security Systems

When it comes to integrated business security solutions backed by years of industry experience, the team at Bravis has proven its credentials as established industry leaders. If you are moving to a new business location and are concerned about security vulnerabilities, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today for a security audit and to learn how we can safeguard your assets. Click here to read about our complete security system upgrade at Arnotts Biscuits Factory which included access control systems, wireless doors and 24/7 monitoring of the entire site.

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