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How to Prevent Theft in Your Retail Store

Theft Prevention in Retail Stores

When it comes to businesses that are most vulnerable to theft, retail outlets find themselves in a particularly difficult position. Loss prevention is a top priority and stores must use different means to protect themselves. Unfortunately, high-end equipment like facial recognition, security cameras, door scanners are costly and beyond the capabilities of most retail store security budgets. At Bravis, we decided to put our best minds together and come up with a theft prevention plan for retail stores which uses training, technology and practicality to reduce shoplifting and burglaries.

Here are a few essential tips from a professional security provider that can help retailers to avoid theft and protect their inventory.

Train Your Staff and Build Relationships

When it comes to retail business security, studies show that a large percentage of thefts are committed by staff. While effective security systems are a good way to reduce such incidents, Bravis believes that building strong relationships with your staff and making them feel like they are part of a team can go a long way in deterring people from committing acts of theft. Employees who feel valued and respected are less likely to harm employers by stealing.

Training is also very important. Staff must be able to observe odd behaviour from customers, ensure that they are covering the entirety of the shop floor, especially blind spots that aren’t covered by CCTV. By creating a culture of awareness, your employees can be better equipped and prepared to deal with shoplifters.

Add Preventive Signs Throughout the Store

As with most kinds of burglaries, shoplifting is also an opportunistic crime. Posting clear information in visible parts of the store about the legal consequences of shoplifting is always a good deterrent. By letting all customers know about security methods, fines for shoplifting using signs have been shown to reduce instances of shoplifting dramatically. These signs are often specifically placed near expensive products like jewellery and electronics.

Anti-Theft Devices

Anti-theft devices are a must for any retail store with a wide range of products and inventory. Utilising a range of devices like cameras, anti-theft tags, access control for the storeroom and other measures can play a large role in deterring illegal activity. It is important for managers to know their inventory well, by counting the stock regularly you can notice irregularities and address them before it is too late. Adding barcodes to every product is a must and using a POS system which is secure and limits access to certain features to managers only is the best way to prevent fraud at the checkout counter by customers and employees. A simple, timeless way to ensure things are above board is to check the receipt of every customer as they leave the store. This not only prevents and detects theft, but will also help catch honest mistakes by customers or cashiers which can sometimes happen.


Retail Store Security and Surveillance

When it comes to protecting your retail store, there is no substitute for a professional security provider who installs and monitors your system 24/7. In combination with quality staff training, anti-theft devices and access control for sensitive areas, a vulnerable retail store can keep their precious inventory safe and create a better environment for staff and customers. Find out more about how we provide retail business security, or contact us today for a security review of your business.

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