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Security solutions / Australia Wide

Bravis re-invents Service Level Agreements

Bravis Security Innovations

Our innovative approach to maintenance is saving our customers tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Property management and facility maintenance companies have been rapidly changing towards our strategy, we have seen an improvement of over 50% in down time on most sites. The reason for this improvement is we are not relying on physical tests and inspections performed on a weekly, monthly or Annually basses but a software that monitors devices every minute of the day.

Each device has a different priority level and in turn a different response procedure, at the Bravis office we receive instant alerts as wells push notifications directly to our technicians who maintain the sites.

We monitor various aspects within devices to analyze the typical performance, when we see a performance increase or de-crease we know something has changed, if the hardware is degrading this will be identified and in most cases found and repaired before a complete failure and down time happens, if dust forms around components and excess heat is starting to build we get the notifications, there are so many different ways we make sure your product stays working for you.

In the trying Covid-19 times we are leading the way, able to reduce the technicians time on site yet continue to maintain and monitor the site to a higher than industry standard. Our new SLA foundation has been tried and proven over multiple years on a statewide corporate government site the Queensland Police, with uncertainty around us one thing for certain is the police are doing an amazing job and are continuing to do so with their electronic tools always at hand.

If the power or my computers go out, does my Security System still work?

Your security system can go down or not relaunch correctly after a computer, power failure or other system failure. However with Bravis your system can be remotely monitored as regularly as every 5 minutes to ensure all systems are working. Bravis has installed security systems around Brisbane using remote monitoring systems and found it to reduce man hours and overall cost of maintaining their security system. To learn more visit the Bravis Resource Centre

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