Aged Care

Bravis Security has been instrumental in delivering security solutions to a number of aged care facilities throughout Brisbane. The integration of a security system into these facilities has had a 2-fold effect on their day to day operations.

Correctional Centres

Home to 16 operational correctional facilities and more than 6,000 prison inmates, Queensland well and truly holds it own in the Corrections space. Bravis Security has been lucky enough to undertake work in a majority of these facilities for the past 13 years. We have been involved in site builds from inception through to completion, extensions of existing systems and ongoing equipment maintenance.


According to Allianz in 2011, shoplifting made up 70% of retail crime costing the Australian economy more than $2 Billion. Bravis Security has a range of cameras and alarm systems specifically tailored to work within your retail environment.


Bravis Security has worked with a number of schools over the past few years to design and implement affordable security solutions that integrate with their already installed networks. These systems range from a few cameras and alarm access points, through to a fully automated Access Control and CCTV system reporting back to State Government Security.



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