Industrial and large sites security systems

video monitoring surveillance security system

Bravis Security has been providing a range of security solutions in Brisbane and beyond for 15 years. We have both the expertise and the equipment to deliver a range of solutions for every application, no matter how small or big.

When it comes to providing industrial sites and large locations with security systems, trust Bravis Security. From large warehouses to factories, prisons to airports, we can set you up with CCTV cameras for surveillance, alarm systems, alarm monitoring, and access control systems. Our systems will be effective in preventing intruders, theft and other criminal activity.

Integrated Industrial Security Systems

A proper, integrated security system is essential for the smooth operation of a large site. Bravis Security offers complete industrial security systems that are customised to suit your specific requirements.

We combine industry-leading security technologies including CCTV cameras, surveillance, intrusion detection, alarm systems and alarm monitoring, as well as industrial access control systems. By integrating the latest technology, we can provide you with a streamlined way to manage your security operations.

Customised Security Solutions for Large Sites

At Bravis Security, we take a consultative approach, performing a thorough security risk assessment for each location, from warehouses to prisons. Our solutions will provide you with the best practices that will protect employees, customers, visitors, inmates, inventory, production processes and anything else you can think of.

In addition, we can help you boost your productivity and profits by providing solutions like video management and inventory intelligence. Get the ultimate peace of mind for your operation and its security.

Whether you’re running a factory or an airport, understanding your security is vital in protecting your assets. Consider Bravis Security as your security systems contractors. Contact us for more information.


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