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Choosing the Right CCTV System

Choosing the Right Integrated Security System

Running a business is demanding in many different ways. Entrepreneurs spend nearly all their waking hours trying to keep their ship steady and afloat, while also ensuring they are mentally prepared for new challenges every day. Unfortunately, we find that even the most dynamic business owners overlook critical security measures for their places of work. At Bravis, we believe that choosing a security system for your business should be a priority.

How Vulnerable is Your Business?

The key to protecting any business is to first identify potential vulnerabilities that are unique to the type of operation you run. Security systems cost money and it is better to invest in precise security based on what is needed. Here are some factors to consider when assessing the vulnerability of your business.


Is your business located in an area where vandalism of valuable assets is likely?


If your business operates on a large property with multiple buildings and entry points, trespassing is always a possibility.

Robbery and Burglary

Does your business manufacture or store valuables? Burglars often observe businesses for long periods of time to spot critical vulnerabilities before attempting a robbery.

Theft by Customers or Staff

Retail stores are most vulnerable to theft since customers and staff have access to large parts of the space. Are there enough deterrents in your property to stop shoplifting?

Make the Right Choice for Your Business

Taking steps to protect your business can seem daunting at first but identifying where you are exposed is a good first step. The next move is to determine the most efficient way to protect your assets.

Conduct a Security Review

A useful way to get started is to hire trusted security experts to conduct a security review for your location. An expert will be able to identify the building’s weak spots, find solutions for your unique security considerations and the kind of equipment you need in order to keep everything secure.

Hire a Professional Security Provider

While it is possible to set up and monitor your security systems in-house, we recommend outsourcing the security of your location to a dedicated and specialised service provider. A good security company will take responsibility for installation, maintenance, updating and 24/7 monitoring of your security systems.

Choose Video Surveillance

Some businesses do not have a lot of foot traffic in and around their locations due to the nature of their work. In cases like this, it is possible to make do without video surveillance. However, while the cost of video surveillance can be higher at times, it is worth investing in this choice for round-the-clock surveillance of your building. A visible security system can deter burglars, resolve internal disputes between employees and monitor cash registers and POS systems.

Do you Need an Access Control System?

An access control system allows you to limit movement to certain areas of your business. Areas such as stock rooms, offices and safe rooms may not require employees to enter at all and it is advisable to limit access using a control system.


Professional Corporate Security Solutions

At Bravis, we believe that modern, customised corporate security solutions should be available to every business. Visit our website to learn about our retail security services and integrated security solutions. Contact us or book an appointment online to organise a call back.

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