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Choosing the Right Security Approach for Schools

Surveillance and Security Protocols for Schools

Schools and educational institutions across Australia play a critical role in the development of the future of the country. These are locations where our most vulnerable members of society spend most of their day, and it is important that schools incorporate technology driven security and automated security systems into their student safety framework. Security guards and identification badges are effective; however, modern security systems provide an unparalleled level of security that every educational institution deserves.

School Security Tips from The Experts

Locked and Monitored Doors During School Hours

The traditional lock and key are certainly not enough to protect sensitive buildings like schools. Keys are easily lost or duplicated, and locks are vulnerable to a committed intruder with access to a few tools. During school hours, doors that are locked with electronic access control options such as PIN numbers and swipe cards make it much easier to keep out unauthorised personnel and monitor who enters and exits the building on a daily basis

Security Cameras

A school that takes security seriously will have a strong network of cameras to monitor the premises. It is important that students and parents are fully informed about the use of security cameras in the school and made aware of monitoring and security policies so they feel at ease. It is advisable to strike a healthy balance between security and surveillance so that students are not made to feel like they are constantly being watched by security and teaching staff.

Access Control with Photo ID

It is recommended that students carry access cards with photo IDs which give them access but also serve as an extra verification that they are part of the school community. In busy schools, it can be difficult to track and spot someone who has gained illegal access to a card and has let themselves in with the rest of the crowd. In the event that a card is lost, it can be identified by the photo that is on it, to prevent it from being misused.


It may sound very simple, but a uniform or dress code for the school acts gives administrators another easy way identify who belongs to the school and who doesn’t, especially in a crowd. Keep in mind that this is a low-level security measure and should be used an addition to robust, tech-driven automated security systems.

School Security and Surveillance Experts

When it comes to school safety, it is important to create an environment where students feel protected without feeling like they are under constant surveillance. Bravis specialises in integrated, automated security systems with remote monitoring which provide a safety net for your children while letting them focus on their growth and development. Visit our website to learn about our school security projects, or contact us to organise a call back for your school.

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