Access Control Systems

A properly integrated security system is about more than just alarms and CCTV monitoring. Whether you’re running an industrial site, a commercial enterprise or you simply want to beef up your home security, access control systems are ideal. These systems allow you to regulate who or what can view or use resources in hospitals, prisons, airports and everything in between.

At Bravis Security, we are dedicated to providing you with fully integrated and comprehensive security systems. Our access control systems allow you to manage user access from remote locations to ensure safety, productivity and peace of mind.

Access Control Systems
Benefits for your Security System

Benefits for your
Security System

Access control systems provide a more secure alternative to physical keys and locks. Using cards, fobs or even fingerprints, these systems track the people who leave and enter a building, providing security against unauthorised individuals.

Access control systems are easily integrated into other security platforms like CCTV cameras, alarm systems and alarm monitoring. They can be managed and maintained from one central computer location, giving you greater control over a site’s security. They can be installed across all rooms, quarters and areas of your premises for added protection.

Types of Access
Control Systems

The main types of access control are physical and logical. Physical limits access to campuses, buildings, rooms, etc., while logical access limits connections to computer networks, system files and data.

Types of Access Control Systems

Discretionary Access Control

DAC holds the owner responsible for choosing who has access to buildings and rooms through access control lists. This model is easy to use as it often runs through popular operating systems like Windows.

Mandatory Access Control

The MAC system doesn’t give owners the responsibility of saying who has access to a unit or facility. This system will classify all users and entities and provide labels to allow them to pass security and gain entry. This is a system that emphasises confidentiality and data classification.

Role-Based Access Control Technology

This is one of the most successful and popular technologies in households and commercial and corporate enterprises around the world. This model provides access based stringently on the subject’s role in the organisation. Different employees will have some privileges based on the limitations on their job responsibilities.

Limit Access
Limit Access

Limit access to certain areas of your premises to individualised staff.


Limit access to certain areas of your premises to individualised staff.

Central Control
Central Control

Control all access points and user profiles from one central location.

All Access Areas

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